Welcome to the API Partner Portal

The award-winning NetProspex Data Cloud API provides flexible and real-time access to the cleanest B2B contact data in the industry. This portion of the site is intended for those of you who are ready to dig in to the nitty-gritty details. Let's get started:

Person API Calls

Our Person calls give you an array of flexible tools. Build the custom solution you need from whatever starting point works for you -- name, email, organization, or phone -- and get quick and reliable access to CleneStep™ verified contact data.

Selector Lookup API Calls

Using a Selector Lookup function, users can return lists of lookup data that can then be used to search for contacts via other API calls.

Account Management API Calls

If your NetProspex agreement requires managing and tracking activity on a per account or per-user basis, Account Management calls will let you quickly and easily create and manage accounts and users.