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Understanding what issues exist with your data is the first step to getting ahead of them. Data HealthScan assesses the state of your B2B data.

1. Assess

Upload your B2B database file to conduct a Data HealthScan that provides a real-time view into the health of your data.

2. Enhance

Clean and enrich your database to add insights, correct or complete records.

3. Grow

Clone your best customers with new contact data to match your buyer profile(s).

Bad data impacts the results of even the best marketing and sales efforts, so the ability to identify instances of bad data in your database is paramount. As a centerpiece of the NetProspex Workbench, Data HealthScan assesses the health of your database across four critical elements:

  • phone connectability
  • email deliverability
  • record completeness
  • record duplication

Data HealthScan also provides insight into the general profile of your marketing database (the most frequently occurring targets) so that you can determine if the make-up of your contact database matches your target profile(s).

A free Data HealthScan can be initiated in a variety of ways:

  • Upload a file via our web-based, secure Workbench platform
  • Connect directly to your Eloqua instance and select your data set natively
  • Ask our NetProspex data experts to do it for you

Regardless of how you initiate the scan, you'll receive a comprehensive PDF report which you can share with your team.


Armed with this valuable assessment and deep insight it provides into the content and quality of your marketing database, you can easily build the business case for a data investment that will help you maximize the turn on your marketing data.